About SDO

Somali Diaspora Organisation (SDO) was established in 2004 and is a dedicated and very active umbrella organization. We have since our establishment played a leading role in making the Somali diaspora in Denmark included in the Danish society. We have over 1000 members who are in many ways rich and diverse. In 2007, we underwent a major reorganization that entailed an expanding of our work to include aid and development work in Somalia.

We are a very energetic umbrella organization, who has a holistic approach in our work to give the Danish-Somalis the same conditions and opportunities as the rest of the society. We achieve this through increased focus on education, health, employment as well as democracy – and citizenship activities.

In Somalia, we are capacity building our partners and upgrading both locals schools and hospitals. We are also working with entrepreneurship, reconstruction, gender equality and general democracy activities.