Our partners

Thanks to all sponsors and supporters.

Danish partners

Refugees United
SDO has signed a cooperation contract with Refugees United, where we have obliged in facilitating and supporting their work to help Somali refugees who have lost their family members or friends.

Danish Youth Council
SDO has since 2008 been part DUF's partnership project is a collaboration between DUF and 11 immigrant youth.

The American Embassy in Denmark
SDO has a good relationship with the U.S. Embassy in Denmark, and we have carried out several activities in cooperation with the embassy. Most recently SDO in cooperation with the Embassy organized a study trip to Minnesota.

SDO cooperates with the Danish Refugee Council's youth organization DFUNK. Their purpose is to improve the conditions for the refugees especially children and youngsters.

SDO is the founder of the organization CODKA, which purpose is to create a platform for the Somali voices and in that sense convey positive and self-critical analysis and stories of them.

Cross-Over (AIDS Foundation)
SDO has for many years worked with Cross-over (Aids Foundation). Our member associations have conducted several information sessions to provide information on prevention of HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.

SDO have long cooperation with KVINFO where SDO is committed to actively to inform members about the possibility of getting a mentor. There will be a special focus on young women and men.

SDO has helped to found YouGlobe, which is a dynamic media platform for young people to exchange views, discuss policy issues and create their own news, which is brought on to the mainstream press by the Youglobes own news agency.

Engineers Without Borders
SDO has a good cooperation with Engineers Without Borders. Together we try to improve water, sanitation - and sanitary conditions in Somalia.

Seniors Without Borders
SDO works with Seniors Without Borders where SDO e.g. have received IT equipment for the benefit of the boarding school in Salahley.

Somali Copenhagen Seminar
SDO is working with Somali Copenhagen Seminar and has previously sponsored their events. The Copenhagen-Somali Seminar is a new forum for advanced debate and event making focusing on the cultural, economic and social reality of Somalis in the current world.

International partners

American Refugee Committee
SDO is partner with American Refugee Committee's I Am A Star program, which aims to raise awareness of the humanitarian situation in Somalia and create fundraising activities in support to the country.

African Development Centre
SDO cooperates with the African Development Centre. Their focus is to start and sustain successful businesses, build growth and promote community investment.

Somali Fair Fishing
SDO is one of the founders of the NGO Somali Fair Fishing. The organisations purpose is to rebuild the fishing industry in Somalia. General Secretary Said A. Hussein is a member of the board.

Open Society Foundations
SDO has cooperation with the Open Society Foundation including assisting and facilitating scientific studies etc.

Leadership Foundation
SDO has a good collaboration with the Leadership Foundation, which is an innovative and action-oriented consultancy and think tank focusing on mobilizing and promoting the power of diversity.

Grundfos Lifelink
SDO is working closely with Grundfos Lifelnk in developing and implementing the Lifelink concept in Somalia.

SDO has a good cooperation with the unique organization Shuraako, which is an American initiative that aims to connect investors with locals in Somalia and thereby create investment, growth and jobs.

Anti-tribalism Movement
SDO has a good collaboration with the London-based grassroots organisation Anti-tribalism Movement (ATM). Their purpose is to prevent and eliminate Somali clanism and its negative impact on economics, politics, culture and in society in general.

SDO has for many years worked with Sheeko, which is an English-Somali diaspora organization with the same purpose as SDO. Sheeko has e.g. founded Sheeko Magazine, which is a successful ethnic lifestyle magazine available globally.

Somali Action Alliance
SDO has a partnership with the US-Somali organization Somali Action Alliance. The cooperation focuses on method development and experience development in inclusion, education and democracy etc.

Somali Diaspora Europe
SDO is one of the founders of the European umbrella organization for Somali diaspora organizations. The Umbrella organization's aim is to strengthen the multilateral cooperation between the different organizations and identify and facilitate opportunities for organizational development, lobbying, etc.

SDO has a unique cooperation with HIRDA, which is one of the largest Somali diaspora organization in the Netherlands.

SDO is good cooperation with Barahley, which is one of the largest Somali diaspora organizations in Sweden.

SDO has for many years worked closely with Kanava, which is one of the largest Somali diaspora organizations in Finland.

SDO has recently partnered with HAYA, which is an English-Somali diaspora organization. HAYA is based in London and organizes annually the famous Somali Achievements Awards, which is the largest Somali awards show throughout Europe.

SDO is a member of the umbrella organization EuroSom, which purpose is to create inclusion and development by utilizing the cohesiveness of sports. EuroSom organizes annually major youth exchanges with participants from all over Europe.

SDO has since 2006 had a very close and fantastic cooperation with HAERDO with the aim of improving conditions for the marginalized and poor nomadic communities in Salahley. SDO, along with HAERDO has implemented major development projects and renovated and rebuilt a number of schools and health clinics.

SDO has a strong relationship with HAVOYOCO, which is one of the largest NGOs in Somalia. Along with HAVOYOCO we work to improve the conditions of local through income generating projects and capacity building of civil society.

SDO has a partnership with SEHO, a local NGO in Somalia. Along with SEHO we work to improve conditions for the locals through developing the health sector.

Somali Olympic Committee executive
SDO has signed a collaboration agreement with the Somali Olympic Committee executive.