Ambitious, committed, determined and innovative

In SDO our work is based on four important values that should help us to improve the quality of our work. These values are:


Our goal is to become the most effective umbrella organisation that is way ahead all others. We are very ambitious in our efforts and we have high expectations for our member associations and the quality of their work.


We are strongly committed in our work. We are especially motivated because of our transnational identity, which gives us a better understanding of the existing challenges and problems our members and target groups deals with.


Our spirit is full of determination and steadfastness. We want to create a tolerant and including society. In addition, we will also demonstrate that the Somali diaspora can make a difference and that we are not just passive victims, on the contrary, we will play a vital part in solving the existing problems.


We want to be known for our professionalism, knowledge and skills especially our specialized knowledge in Somali affairs, which we will use to promote our purpose. We will through our cultural knowledge and understanding help to create innovative and value added solutions to benefit our members and target group as well as the rest of the society.