Somali diaspora – new partners for development cooperation and humanitarian relief.

DIIS is an independent research institution for international studies, financed primarily by the Danish state. They conduct and communicate multidisciplinary research on globalisation, security, development and foreign policy and within these areas we aim to be agenda-setting in research, policy and public debate.

SDO helped DIIS facilitate their second report which maps the diaspora’s role and impact concerning humanitarian development.

Refugees and migrant diasporas are increasingly recognised as agents of change in relation to development of their home countries. A new DIIS report examining Afghan and Somali diaspora groups in Denmark find that both groups send considerable shares of their income to help family members survive during conflict and sustain communities in crisis, both in countries of origin and refugee settlements in the region and neighbouring areas.

In 2014 the estimated diaspora contribution to developing countries tripled official development assistance by reaching 436 billion dollars according to the World Bank. The report shows how, under the right circumstances and supported in the right way, diasporas may be important new partners for development cooperation and humanitarian relief.

Read the full report here.