Water for Somaliland

Somali Diaspora Organisation has launched a major development effort to improve water access in Somaliland. The project’s long-term focus is prevention of future famine due to persistent drought, which is a major threat throughout Somalia, and especially nomadic communities are at risk.

We have in many years reconstructed many berkeds (locally made water reservoirs). We established last year an entire new well in Somaliland.

Our efforts are a direct result of the terrible drought and famine in Somalia 2011. Especially nomadic communities, which is about for 80% of the population are mostly affected by the lack of water supply. They do not have the same opportunity to buy the water since they only depend on their harvest and livestock.

Many have no choice but to drink of the few but dirty water reservoirs, which increasingly leads to dangerous diseases including malaria, dysentery, typhoid, cholera, diarrhoea etc. Several million people each year worldwide die because of unclean won.